Visible Minority and Population Group Reference Guide, Nationwide Home Survey

5 noiembrie 2022

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Definitions and ideas

The 2011 nationwide Household Survey (NHS) question on populace team is employed to make two primary factors: the minority that is visible while the Population group variable.

The principal intent behind the populace team question on the NHS is always to derive counts for the visible minority populace. Visible minority refers towards the noticeable minority team to that your respondent belongs. The Employment Equity Act describes minorities that are visible ‘persons, other than Aboriginal individuals, who will be non-Caucasian in competition or non-white in color.’ Groups into the noticeable minority variable include South Asian, Chinese, Ebony, Filipino, Latin United states, Arab, Southeast Asian, West Asian, Korean, Japanese, noticeable minority, n.i.e. (‘n.i.e.’ means ‘not included elsewhere’), several noticeable minorities, rather than a noticeable minority.

Home elevators the noticeable minority populace is needed under federal work equity legislation for programs which promote equal chance for every person. Federal work equity programs will be the duty of hr and personal developing Canada as well as other government divisions; nonetheless, the NHS provides data that are benchmark each one of the designated teams (females, Aboriginal individuals, people with disabilities and users of noticeable minorities).

Information on Canada’s noticeable minority populace are employed by governments, organizations, community teams, medical care providers, researchers and a number of businesses through the nation to make sure equal chance of everybody else. Information regarding the noticeable minority populace can be utilized by employers to compare the faculties of the characteristics to their workforce associated with populace whom are now living in exactly the same area.


As indicated above, the minority that is visible provides information regarding the noticeable minority populace as defined for federal work equity purposes, whereas the populace group variable doesn’t.

The noticeable minority adjustable includes information for 13 derived teams: South Asian, Chinese, Ebony, Filipino, Latin American, Arab, Southeast Asian, West Asian, Korean, Japanese, noticeable minority, n.i.e., several noticeable minorities and never an obvious minority (‘Not a visible minority’ contains participants whom reported ‘Yes’ to the Aboriginal identification question in addition to participants who had been perhaps not regarded as people in an obvious minority team). There’s also a subtotal given to the ‘ Total noticeable minority populace,’ which aggregates counts when it comes to very very first 12 teams.

In both the noticeable minority and populace group variables, the category ‘Visible minority, n.i.e.’ includes participants whom reported a write-in response such as ‘Guyanese,’ ‘West Indian,’ ‘Tibetan,’ ‘Polynesian,’ ‘Pacific Islander,’ etc. The category ‘Multiple noticeable minorities’ includes participants who reported one or more visible minority team by checking a couple of mark-in circles, such as ‘Black’ and ‘South Asian.’

Whilst in the Population team adjustable information are included for numerous responses such as ‘White and Southern Asian’ and ‘White and Ebony,’ these multiple reactions are counted differently when you look at the minority that is visible due to the need certainly to derive the adjustable according to employment equity demands. Into the noticeable minority adjustable, people whom reported ‘Chinese,’ ‘South Asian,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Filipino,’ ‘Southeast Asian,’ ‘Japanese,’ or ‘Korean,’ in conjunction with ‘White’ or a write-in reaction are included in the noticeable minority count when it comes to particular noticeable minority team reported. For instance, participants whom examined ‘Black’ and ‘White’ are within the ‘Black’ count. Respondents who examined ‘Black’ and wrote-in ‘French’ or ‘Malaysian’ will also be within the ‘Black’ count.

On the other hand, prior to work equity definitions, people who reported ‘Latin American’ and ‘White,’ ‘Arab’ and ‘White,’ or ‘West Asian’ and ‘White’ have already been excluded through the noticeable minority populace. Likewise, people who reported ‘Latin American,’ ‘Arab’ or ‘West Asian’ and whom supplied a write-in that is european such as ‘French’ have already been excluded through the noticeable minority population too. These people are contained in the ‘Not a visible minority’ category. Nevertheless, people who reported ‘Latin American,’ ‘Arab’ or ‘West Asian’ and a non-European write-in reaction are contained in the noticeable minority populace. As an example, participants who checked ‘Latin American’ and penned in ‘Peruvian’ are included into the ‘Latin American’ count. Participants whom reported ‘Arab’ and composed in ‘Lebanese’ are contained in the ‘Arab’ count. Participants whom reported ‘West Asian’ and penned in ‘Afghan’ were within the ‘western Asian’ count.


Many 2011 nationwide home Survey (NHS) respondents received the 2011 nationwide domestic Survey Form N1 questionnaire, while participants residing on Indian reserves, in Indian settlements plus in other remote areas received the 2011 nationwide home Survey Form N2 questionnaire. On both questionnaires, information on populace team and noticeable minority populace had been collected in Questions 19.

Both in variations of this questionnaire, response groups into the populace team concern included 11 circles that are mark-in one write-in area. Participants had been expected ‘ Is it individual:’ and had been instructed to mark one or more associated with response that is following, or even to specify another team, if relevant:

Population group shouldn’t be confused with nationality or citizenship.

For individuals whom participate in one or more populace team:

  • mark most of the circles that apply
  • usually do not report ‘bi-racial’ or ‘mixed’ within the package supplied.

People who reported ‘Yes’ to matter 18 (Aboriginal peoples) are not expected the populace group concern. Aboriginal individuals are contained in a split reaction category called ‘Aboriginal self-reporting’ within the Population group variable. They have been contained in the ‘Not a minority that muslima giriЕџ is visible category when you look at the noticeable minority variable, along side people reporting other chosen groups such as ‘White.’