Alcatel-Lucent Business Integrated Communication Solution – BICS

Alcatel-Lucent Business Integrated Communication Solution – BICS

The Alcatel-Lucent Business integrated Communication Solution (BiCS) is specifically designed to help enterprises with up to 1000 employees benefit from more dynamic communications. It delivers advanced, yet flexible communications that help you interconnect your network, people, processes and knowledge for cost control. It’s also cost-optimized to keep expenditures under control as you position yourself for future expansion.

With the Alcatel-Lucent BiCS, you have all of the necessary software and licenses for a comprehensive, application-enabled communications system on a single, industry-standard server.

This innovative, single-server design is vital for enterprises that want to reduce the cost and effort of provisioning, testing and managing servers and don’t want the issues around installing additional servers every time they deploy a new communications application.

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