Office Data Servers

Office Data Servers

Alcatel-Lucent Extended Communication Server (ECS)

The Alcatel-Lucent Extended Communication Server is a key component of the Office Communications Solution.

This simple flexible, reliable module brings a wealth of additional features to the OmniPCX Office business telephony server, including shared and secure internet access, remote access for mobile employees, email, web servers and collaborative applications.

Designed for very small, small and medium businesses, the Extended Communication Server can easily be upgraded to offer additional capacity or functionalities. No extra hardware or software is required, although optional software packages open up a range of additional capabilities.


  • Open: accessible anywhere through any device,
  • Cost-effective: no additional subscriptions, software or hardware required,
  • Secure: data accessed through secure web interfaces,
  • Interactive: colleagues can share calendars, contacts and documents and benefit from email, voicemail and unified messaging,
  • Nomadic: optimized for remote and mobile access,
  • Innovative: value-added functions including PIMphony, call-forwarding, click-to-call, virtual desktop and mobile virtual desktop,
  • User-friendly: accessible, easy to service, easy to manage, easy to use.


  • Shared calendar, contacts and documents,
  • Email, unified messaging, voicemail, call management,
  • Nomadic mode for computers and mobile devices,
  • Available in two versions: Compact Edition for up to 25 users and Premium Edition for up to 240 users,
  • Range of installed applications including Virtual Desktop, Mobile Virtual Desktop and PIMphony Team,
  • Compatible with third-party software including Microsoft® OutlookTM,
  • Anti-virus and filtering software for worry-free, optimized access to the internet.

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